Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Rackspace Managed Colocation - Data First

Many businesses prefer to maintain a substantial level of control regarding their mission-critical apps, but don’t want to be slowed by the complexity of managing a traditional colocation scenario, Rackspace offers Managed Colocation. Managed Colocation offers you’re the desired level of control with the added benefit of a support team to proactively manage your configuration. Rackspace Managed Colocation is a level above traditional colocation, meaning it offers more support than pure colocation. Managed Colocation from Rackspace supplies:
o    The physical space
o    Power to the cabinet/cages (conditioned power, battery backup, and backup power generators) and network connection backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
o    Controlled environment (redundant cooling, fire suppression)
o    Security (physical security, video surveillance, guard-monitored floor)
o    Hardware for infrastructure
o    Dedicated Support Team for maintenance and day-to-day operations
o    Industry-leading SLAs
o    Complete infrastructure and supply chain management
o    Implementation and deployment capabilities
o    Full customer remote management - customers don’t need physical proximity to the data center but can still access even international data centers
Optional services include management options for Managed BackupManaged Private Clouds and Managed Storage.

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