Tuesday, 31 March 2020

How We Test Web Hosting Services | Data First

If you're thinking of venturing online to open a store, offer a service, or even just create a blog, you'll need a web hosting service to reach your intended audience. Though all web hosting services operate in a similar manner—they store data on servers that are accessible to others via the internet—they are not all exactly the same. There are many variables to consider when the time comes for you to sign up for a web host, and we consider—and test—all of them when we evaluate hosting services.

Uptime Testing :
Uptime is, without question, the most important aspect of web hosting. If your website is inaccessible, you'll lose traffic, customer confidence, and, depending on your site's purpose, money. You don't want users looking for alternatives while your site is down—and maybe never coming back.

Operating System Options:
The operating system, just as on a desktop or laptop, determines how the server works. And, in the case of web hosting, it also determines which tools you can use to build your site.

One thing you'll notice while exploring server operating system options is that Linux is ubiquitous. You may see different flavors of Linux, such as CentOS or Ubuntu, but every web host that we've reviewed offers the OS.

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