Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Innovation stratagem by NTPL invigorates Data Center Transformation

Today, NTPL offers an array of robust, resilient and tailor-made services with sophisticated technical solutions that assures uninterrupted access, highest level of reliability and security and high performance to help you stay focused and retain the competitive and strategic advantage. NTPL has one of the first and fastest growing commercial Tier III data center at Ahmedabad, Gujarat and Data recovery center at Jaipur, Rajasthan, with innovative technology and service offerings.

With NTPL, the security of data and accessibility is just not serious but it is everything. Its high tech human-error free Tier III data center assures 100% uptime, carrier-neutral network, n+ 2 redundant power and cooling, thus providing absolute accessibility and protection o your to your mission-critical IT infrastructure.

Our robust and scalable infrastructure and facility services will enable you to establish maximum investments in energy efficient data centers. At NTPL, our Tier III data center offers the following infrastructure facilities like flexible space option, secured place, fire protection, uninterrupted power, precision environment, connectivity and green advantage. The facilities also support services like various solutions like web hosting, virtual private server, server co-location, storage on demand, and software as services.

Alternatives to enhance energy efficiency comprise a flexible, effective modular data center, which can be organized rapidly to support you, merge your IT assets and cut costs.

NTPL has opted for the HS22 Intel Xeon 5500, IBM Blade servers with 2.93 GHz processing speed. . It supports the full range of high powered x86 Intel server processing and a variety of high performance input/output (I/O) options. It is one of the leading open blade architecture products in the information technology (IT) market, with a focus on processor, memory, and I/O configurable, delivered with multi-generational forward- and backward-compatibility. The open architecture is available to enable companies to develop and build compatible blades, networking and storage switches, and blade adapter cards (daughter cards).

Most of our present clients and customers are happy to learn our Tier III data center will help as a local partner to cultivate their existing business and support them via the complicated hosting process. Where other data center/hosting companies take undue advantage to charge for overages, our philosophy is that if you are successful, then we're successful" We would be happy to gain you more and more business and increase your hosting needs.

At NTPL, our Tier III data center express concern for the environment and a plan to lower, and support others to reduce the overall carbon footprint. Our company motto is “thinks green and acts green”. Taking advantage on their work and fabulous ideas, NTPL have developed an extensive plan on creating "green" data center. With the help of our equipment and proprietary monitoring software cuts the energy consumption of our cooling systems by more than 20%.

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