Saturday, 9 January 2010

Increase your business with Implicit and Vibrant Data Center at NTPL

Neesa Technologies Pvt Ltd was founded in 2000 to support businesses operate more efficiently, eco-friendly data centers. NTPL has Gujarat’s first commercial data center with Data recovery center at Jaipur, Rajasthan complying with Tier III standard.

Our Tier III data centers are created and designed to offer unparalleled security of hardware and data, even in the event of the healthiest possible externally induced electromagnetic pulse. Today, with many IT companies compelling you to continually arrange latest applications, you require to make firm decisions on just where everything will go within the complicated blend of current towers, racks, blades, storage, networking gear, UPS, and power distribution systems.

By providing balance communications between data center cooling, electrical supply, and floor space accessibility are crucial to ignore brownouts and outages.

NTPL tenders absolute Tier III data center vision comprising systematic action strategy that eliminates the cost of power and cooling. Our DATA Center is equipped to provide Intel Xeon base blade server to meet high-end business processing and cost effective business solution. NTPL’s Tier III Data Center is equipped with Storage area network and network backbone as high-end fiber optic cable. By providing equal balance of power, cooling, and utilization, NTPL retrieves data center dexterity, freeing up resources,

Improving service levels and responsiveness, and expanding the life of the data center. In addition, the organization will obtain data centers they can believe in as data centers that work more and are affordable are more trustworthy, and more responsive.

The Tier III data centers at NTPL are well equipped and engineered to the sophisticated specifications commercially accessible and tender adequate potential to cater the needs and wants of the worlds largest IT companies. The data centre is frequently defined as the heart of an organization, without which no business can operate.

It is probable that in future the carbon caps or taxes will further aggravate the requirement to handle data centers in a more sustainable manner. We at NTPL apply for “The Green advantage” to offer solutions created to lessen the environmental impact of data center operations.

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