Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Choose the Right Colocation Data Centre

Looking out to upgrade your current data centre for better infrastructure and, to maintain business continuity? Are the limitations pertaining to design and location preventing you from an upgrade? With a data Colocation centre, you can upgrade at a flexible cost. But, you need to firstly evaluate the Colocation centre based on certain points. Your entire decision making process should revolve around these listed set of parameters.

Power Density & Availability

For a data centre, power density and availability are the top most requirements that need to be fulfilled to make it better. Colocation data centre works towards making it better by the day. So, what has changed? The power density of the past years no longer satisfies the needs of the data centre. The number of active and spare servers has increased number of capacity to match the current needs. It is very necessary that you look out for providers who can provide:

•    Proper Power Scaling
•    Dedicated substation
•    Redundancies for electrical infrastructure
•    Metered pricing

Cooling Facility

What you need in your Colocation data center is a facility that takes care of the cooling needs of your equipments without compromising costs or power usage effectiveness rating PUE. PUE is basically overheads allied with cost. While deciding on a Colocation facility, you should ideally consider PUE and, think of a center which will lower the PUE for economical costing. While considering cooling, you should judge the data center on the following parameters:

•    Several  data centers
•    Availability
•    Amalgam of Cooling technology
•    Redundancy


A good in-house security team is a must when you are looking out for Colocation data centres. Camera systems, monitoring systems, layered security zones etc. are also pivotal in terms of security. You should ideally have members who are certified with security teams on the staff.

Infrastructure Management

Your data center consists of a lot of complex technology that is interwoven. So, Data Centre Infrastructure Management is very important to you. It will ensure that your systems are well connected. The software has the ability to sense and respond and there is a secured portal and reporting system.

Failure to thoroughly evaluate your Colocation data centre on these parameters would make you choose the incorrect Colocation data center and, thus prevent you from upgrading your center. If you wish for business continuity, this is a very essential step for you.

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