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5 Factors to Consider when Choosing an Email Hosting Service - Data First

Email communication is a vital tool for small and large enterprises. Unlike in the past, most external and internal communications are done over emails, as the method is faster than calling. Whether you prefer Outlook, Zimbra, or Icewarp as your default mail solution; you need an email hosting service to go live and be able to use the email solution. Though there are multiple email hosting services in the market, not all suit your business requirements. That said, the blog post discusses five factors you must consider when choosing email hosting services.

Selecting An Email Hosting Services – 5 Factors To Consider

1. Security

Business communications often contain confidential data that needs to be accessed only by the designated recipient. Any slack in email security can result in data breaches, unauthorized access, and monetary loss. Having said that, the security of your email hosting service should be your foremost concern when selecting a provider. Avoid free email hosting services, as they lack the necessary security features

2. Administration and Operation

Email is the backbone of business communications as crucial information can reach multiple users across the globe in a single click. Ideal email hosting services give businesses total control of their email environment through round the clock chat, email, and voice support. Exceptional email hosting providers, for instance, provide comprehensive support ranging from installation, troubleshooting to maintenance. On top of that, reliable email hosting providers offer an interactive, easy to use web interface for users to create problem tickets within seconds and the issue can then be resolved by the dedicated technical support team.

3. Flexibility and Compatibility

Business owners can’t afford employee productivity to take a backseat and therefore, an email solution needs to have enterprise level syncing with multiple devices for on the go operations. No matter whether your employee strength is a few hundreds or even a million, each employee must be able to access calendars, contacts and shared folders in few clicks, irrespective of their physical location. Moreover, your email hosting provider must be able to offer bundled benefits to help you scale with growing business needs without having to switch multiple email solutions.

4. Optimum Storage and Archiving Functions

Watching that “mailbox full” message is a frustration that many business users face everyday the moment they login or during the work hours. Cluttered mailboxes kill business productivity as a business user needs to delete messages first to make way for new messages in the inbox. If a business user accidentally deletes a crucial email, the agony is better left unsaid. Reliable email hosting providers offer a decent email storage along with archiving capabilities to ensure you longer need to deal with a cluttered mailbox and email recovery. Having these capabilities help business do away with storing bulky .pst files and focus only on the areas that matter.

5. Service Availability

Many businesses out there work on “follow the sun” model that requires email services to be up and running all the time without any latency or other significant issues. Even one hour of email downtime may cost a thousand dollars or more depending on the organizational size and level of business operations.

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