Monday, 27 January 2020

How Does Server Colocation Hosting Work ?

Maintaining and managing servers begins by ensuring the environment allows them to work at full capacity. However, this is the main problem businesses with “server closets” deal with. If companies are incapable of taking on such responsibilities on-premises, they will search for a data center that offers colocation services.

Colocation as a service works for businesses who already own hardware and software, but are unable to provide the conditions to store them. The clients, therefore, lease space from their service providers who offer housing for hardware, as well as environmental management.

Clients move their hardware to a data center, set up, and configure their servers. There is no physical contact between the provider and the clients’ hardware unless they specifically request additional assistance known as remote hands.

While the hardware is hosted, the data center assumes all responsibility for environmental management, such as cooling, a reliable power supply, on-premises security, and protection against natural disasters.

The hosting company’s responsibilities typically include:

The hosting company secures and authorizes access to the physical location. The security measures include installing equipment such as cameras, biometric locks, and identification for any personnel onsite. Clients are responsible for securing their servers against cyber-attacks. The provider ensures no one without authorization can come close to the hardware.

The data center is responsible for electricity and any other utilities required by the servers. This also includes energy backups, such as generators, in case of a power outage. Getting and using power efficiently is an essential component. Data centers can provide a power supply infrastructure that guarantees the highest uptime.

Servers and network equipment generate a considerable amount of heat. Hosts provide advanced redundant cooling systems, so servers run optimally. Proper cooling can prevent damage and extends the life of your hardware.

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