Sunday, 13 December 2015

Choose a Quality Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

 Users who are reading this are fairly thoughtful when it comes to making right decisions about choosing hosting for their business. Making a well informed choice is imperative because transitioning from one dedicated server host to another is not an easy job. It may have serious implications, right from frustrated customers to decrease in traffic that could ultimately affect revenue at a larger extent. In today's competitive environment, there may not be second and third chance.

So here are 5 important considerations for making dedicated server hosting provider choice:

  •   Physical location of the host:  Location could be one of the important factors especially when your application is highly bandwidth dependent. While assessing the location of a colocation service, you need to consider in which country/state is the service physically located and how far is it from your company. As you have considerable control on server resources in dedicated environment, the question is how easy it would be for you to manage in terms of any routine upgrade, or service your equipment or any new installations.
  •  Services Flexibility and Expansion Capability:  How scalable are the services to your growing operations is something to be considered essentially! How customized the services bundling is with the host? How is the customized service model going to affect your CapEx and OpEx ? You may want to think about these questions and ensure that your service partner has the capability to cater to your growing business demands together with a competitive pricing.
  •  Reliable host with super reliable service:  In the world of data centers, the reliability is measured by uptime. Technically, a reliable provider should have five 9s uptime, meaning they are considered most reliable if they have 99.999% uptime. Though there could be many possibilities, one of the ways to ensure a trusted reliability is to check if any customer feedback is available.
  • Easy deployment of services: How fast you can push your services in the environment with long delay and disruptions in the services? How one can cross connect or add an additional rack space on demand? The demands in business are dynamic and might need scaling up anytime! The answer to these questions lies in the efficacy to deliver with high scalability and minimum disruption. Make sure you have clear timelines when it comes to pushing up the scalability and transition of your services' demand.
  • Network Ecosystem of the host: There are a lot of hosts in the market thereby not making it easy for anyone to choose easily. It is important to consider the seamless network connectivity capability of the host, which is, the backbone of colocation services and rest all would be meaningless without it. Invalidated network ecosystem is like a gun without assurance of bullets inside. To ensure a thorough check, you may want to ensure if the facility is carrier-neutral and if the Collocation service provider has a decent ecosystem of customers already interconnect with each other, it is a clear sign of trusted services.

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