Sunday, 20 December 2015

Tips for Selecting the Best Web Hosting Service

Finding the best web hosting service may feel like choosing a brand new car. You want to use them for years and like cars, great web hosting service also gets us from point A to point B. If you want the website performs well despite the heavy traffic, you need a reliable hosting solution. Here are ten tips that can help you find the best hosting service:

Great customer service: Regardless of your current technical skills, you'll eventually need to communicate with support desk. Good support teams always picks up the phone and replies to emails very quickly. Data First has highly responsive support team that can be reached easily.

Impressive reliability: You should make sure that a hosting company guarantees very high up time percentage and this is something that you should consider when choosing a potential provider. Data First delivers higher than 99.9 percent uptime for all consumers.

Good control panel: Control panel is the heart of any hosting management for consumers. It has features required to run websites properly. You can prevent image hot linking, enhance password protection, prevent bandwidth leeching, block certain IP address and many more. Data First offers impressive and easy to us control panel for clients.

Large disk space: Consumers often can't get enough storage for their website. You need to show good quality images to ensure excellent visual quality. You may also need to store videos for your audience. Data First offers large quantity of disk space for affordable prices.

More than enough bandwidth: Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred to the audience on a monthly basis. Data First allows you to upgrade if require more storage.

Integrated email hosting: Good web hosting companies also include proper email hosting. Email is an essential part of online activity. Mail forwarding, POP3, SMTP and auto responder are features that you should get from web hosting companies. Data First also offers other advanced email management features, such as disk space quota configuration, adding/removing email accounts and others.

Affordable prices: It's really straightforward. With very affordable prices, consumers are able to get all the above features from

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